Air Conditioner Covers

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Covers are used to protect air conditioners from unfavorable weather conditions such as condensation, dew, cold drafts, extreme heat, etc. They are also used to avoid dust and small insects away from the body of the air conditioner and its different components.

Dust Covers are made of synthetic material such as vinyl, plastics, terylene or Dacron. They can be washed and then are fastened and unfastened on the air conditioner by plastic zippers or Velcro fasteners. The covers can then be used to cover the entire body of the air conditioner, except the region which contains the duct and the button controls. They can be bought in a large number of sizes and colors. They are generally made in standard air conditioner sizes and can be bought directly from the shops. Sometimes even companies manufacture Custom Covers after taking specifications from the ordering company.

Some Covers are also designed aesthetically for use in living room air conditioners. Lace Covers and Covers with various designs and patterns are available. More than protection, these Covers aim at rendering beauty to the room by disguising the air conditioner.

Simple Dust Covers are available at less than $20. Custom-designed ones may cost much higher depending on the specifications required.