Baby Gifts 101

By admin

Posted on March 5, 2012

A brand new, cooing, bouncing baby is on the way or may be has already arrived. Whether the little angel is yours, a friend’s or a family member’s, you’re going to want to spoil it. The choices you have when buying a gift for that new arrival are overwhelming. But, there is no need to fear as there are a couple of categories of baby gifts which will be sure to please: necessities, memory makers, baby gift baskets and gifts for the parents.


One easy and much appreciated baby gift you can give is some form of necessity. Whether the family has had one or five kids in the past; they’ll still need some basic necessities to make it through the first few months like diapers, diaper rash creams, baby wipes, lotions etc. Other items like wipes, bibs with cute sayings, wash clothes, samples of powders, lotions, spit rags, shampoos, and baby body washes are bound to be quite appreciated too.


A practical baby gift is something that can be used often, or something that might create ongoing, unexpected or difficult expenses for the family of the new baby. A few things that make very practical baby gifts are a baby monitor, a baby car seat, a baby bathtub, a high chair, a playpen etc. A savings account or saving bond to help a family meet unexpected or difficult expenses that may arise is also a very practical baby gift.


Personalized baby gifts are always very special. Getting personalized baby gifts tells the new parents, and the baby, that you really care. Also, most baby gift items can be engraved, embroidered, monogrammed, or painted on to make it a personalized baby gift.


Another very kind idea for a baby gift would have nothing to do specifically with the child, but instead, the parents. Think about giving a coupon booklet for babysitting to the parents so that they can get some alone or maybe a gift card for some sort of pampering, like a manicure or massage. Undoubtedly, such a gift would be much appreciated.