Basic Facts Regarding Home Security Systems

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

There could be different security systems that could be installed. Here are some facts that you can consider before installing these systems at your home.

Security Companies don’t offer full guarantee

Assuming that your home is fully secured by installing the best home security system is foolish. But you should have a home security system in your house because the statistics say that a burglar is less likely to break into a house with a security system

People who lease their homes can also use home security systems

Renting your place entitles you to the same protection that homeowners have with the installation of quality home alarms whether these are wired or wireless alarm systems. Your prized possessions can be kept more secure with a burglar alarm in your apartment. Members of your household can also sleep more soundly with an activated burglar alarm. If homeowner’s get to save money on their home insurance when they avail of security systems, then so do renters with their renter’s insurance policy.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring

This is a type of security service that a lot of security companies are now offering to their consumers. For people who do not have a phone line, companies can use VOIP or cellular radio and provide alarm monitoring services for people who need it. You get to save money without worrying about your phone bill or being concerned about monitoring fees from your security company.

Compatibility of Alarm Systems with VOIP Phone Services like Comcast or Vonage

The fact is that security companies in general cannot promise that their home alarm systems will work at a hundred percent efficiency all the time with VOIP phone services. There have been companies who have successfully done so and it is better to make sure of this before you avail of this type of service.

It is still better to use cellular radio as an alternative to using VOIP phone services. Choosing to install a cellular radio or a landline as a way for your phone service to work with your home security is a more viable option that can generate better results over time.

Pets Can Sometimes Trigger Your Home Alarm

In most cases where home alarms have been tripped by pets, motion detectors were the security equipment that caused alarms to go off. Interior alarms such as motion sensors can be equipped with pet immunity features. This enables you to still protect your home and enable your pets to move about freely in your home without triggering your residential alarm system. Doors and windows are perimeter zones where pets are likely to cause false alarms.