Basics of Recessed Lighting

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Let’s start with the main question, What is Recessed Lighting? Recessed lighting is a type of lighting that installed right into the ceiling. Holes are drilled into the wall for these lights as opposed to installing the light fixture away from the ceiling, as with traditional lights. Recessed lighting adds a warm yet elegant look to the room and is best used for lighting specific areas such as an interesting artifact or plant. There are a several choices that you will have to make when you have the lighting installed, including placement, covers and light bulbs.


Placement is of utmost importance when it comes to recessed lighting. While traditional ceiling lights are usually placed right in the center of the room, recessed lights are often placed along the edges of the room. A good tip would be, to place the recessed lights 1-1.5 ft away from the object that you want to light. For example, if you want to highlight a piece of art, the light should be a foot away from the wall pointed in that direction. Recessed ceiling lights should be of a moderate number and evenly spaced so as not to create an obvious line across the ceiling which would resemble an airport runway. Place the recessed lights in the ceiling wherever adequate lighting is needed the most, be it over a dining table or near a plant-filled corner of the room.


Recessed lighting comes in many designs. Some designs have covers are hidden inside the ceiling, while others have a decorative rim around the light. If you are aiming for subtle lighting, avoid installing decorative covers. Or, if you want the lights to display the same dér elements as the rest of the room, choose covers that match the design. Covers are available in a wide range of colors and materials. An intricate gold recessed light cover can be used to produce a warm, rich design. While a silver light cover with a smooth, shined finish can be used for modern rooms. A good tip would be to match your recessed lighting covers with other design elements in your room, including light-switch covers and lamps.

Light Bulbs

The types of bulbs that you choose for your recessed lighting have more purpose than just lighting the room. They will also add a decor element. Installing your lights with a dimmer switch and choosing dimmer light bulbs to change the brightness of the lighting at will, can have a striking effect. While incandescent light bulbs provide a warm glow, they are not as energy efficient as low-voltage halogen bulbs. So, think of the kind of lighting effect that you want and how much energy you want to use when choosing between the two. The color of the bulb will also affect the look of the room. Skip the clear or frosted light bulbs and choose yellow- or rose-colored bulbs if you want an interesting and different look.

With so many recessed lighting options to play around with customizing the look of your room can be easily accomplished.