Benefits of drinking healthy water:

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Posted on July 12, 2011

  • Replenishing the nutrients in your brain: 85% of the brain is made up of water which helps replenish its nutrients and cushion it.
  • Regulating your body.s temperature: Water makes us perspire and the perspiration dissipates excess heat which cools our bodies down. ¬†Water is needed when you are overheated and not perspiring.
  • Helps with digestion: Digestion of solid foods can only occur with the help of drinking water.
  • Keeps skin healthy and clean: Water replenishes the cells in your skin keeping it looking smooth, healthy and young.
  • Lubricates and cushions bones and joints: Water acts as a lubricant between bones; it also lubricates cartilage and helps joints glide more freely. Water minimizes joint damage caused by any friction.
  • Helps tone muscles: Muscles are primarily composed of water. Water not only keeps your muscles strong, it helps remove wastes from and transports nutrients to the muscle cells. Thus helping you maintain toned muscles.
  • Help with fat metabolism: A healthy intake of water daily helps your kidneys and liver function optimally and thereby reduces the amount of fat deposits in the body. The kidneys need water to remove toxins, waste and salt from the blood. When you don.t have enough water in your body, the liver has to take over some of the work of the kidneys and therefore isn.t able to metabolize excess fat.
  • Lubricates organs: All organs in our body require water to function at their peak. Water also keeps blood from thickening and thus helps the heart function better.
  • It helps transport nutrients through the entire body.
  • It helps remove all toxins and waste from the body.

What is the difference between drinking water filters and sediment filters?
Sediment filters remove rust, sand, silt, sediment, and other particles from your water supply. They are very useful in rural areas and for commercial purposes. Drinking water filters on the other hand remove bad odors, chlorine taste and odor. They improve both the smell and taste of your water. Both purify water at the point of entry.

Don.t water treatment plants remove harmful substances from my water supply?

Water treatment facilities are not always effective enough at removing harmful substances from your water supply. To ensure the protection of your family, and your children, it is recommended that you purchase a Reverse Osmosis System which reduces more contaminants in your drinking water. If you cannot afford a Reverse Osmosis System you can consider looking into Under Sink Water Filters to improve drinking water safety. Whole House Water Filters filter all the water coming into your house thereby increasing the life of your appliances by having cleaner water.