Cleaning your Crystal Chandelier

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

You have a great looking crystal chandelier. The reason you have chandelier in your home is because you like it for its elegance. Now would you want to lose that feeling? I.m going to guess and say, No. Well, your new crystal chandelier is only going to remain elegant and beautiful if you clean it. Dust and grime are its worst enemies. It can make your chandelier look unimpressive and can even affect the light that it provides.  Here is how you go about getting your chandelier to look as good as new.

This is something you might not realize till you actually get started on cleaning the chandelier, make sure there is another source of light to help you with the cleaning. Be it, daytime (so you have the sun) or at night setup another light source. Do not use the chandelier for lighting while your cleaning it.  Make sure that the chandelier is switched off.  You can even switch off the mains, to prevent the chandelier form accidentally coming on while you are cleaning it.

  • Cover all bulbs, and have a cloth placed below the chandelier.
  • Now your cleaning solution: One part ammonia/ isopropyl alcohol in 3 parts of water. You can also buy a chandelier cleaner from a lighting retailer.  You want to be able to reach all surfaces with this solution, so use a spray bottle. Avoid spraying any wires or electrical components.
  • Now allow the chandelier to drip dry. If for some reason, the chandelier is very dirty it will not drip dry. You have to now hand wash every crystal.
  • Now you can take off all the bulb coverings. Wipe all the bulbs and non crystal parts with a soft cloth. Leave the chandelier to dry overnight. When you wake up you will switch on a shining, sparkling crystal chandelier.