Close Window Blinds

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Window blinds provide a lot of benefits to people and that is why they are so popular. Included to these basic benefits is their ability to be closed or opened. An open window blind has a lot of advantages such as letting the air flow into the room or getting off the heat from the house. But close window blinds also have a lot of benefits too.

In reality, all types of blinds can be closed but this ability still varies depending on the type of window blind.

Venetian blinds have been and still are easily most popular window blind type. But there are still other types of window blinds like the mini blinds, vertical blinds, solid blinds, Holland blinds, pleated binds, and honeycomb blinds. They differ from each other in structure and can be closed in various different ways.

Vertical Blinds are significant since their slats hang vertically, and not horizontally. This type of window blind is commonly made out of a hardened fabric. It is closed just like the Venetian blind, only that the slats will move sideways instead of rising up. On the other hand, solid blinds don’t have any slants. The can be closed because they are made out of solid material. Holland blinds are made out of woven wood, and so can be closed by rolling up the attached string.

With these benefits and capabilities of closing the blinds, anyone can be grateful of having close window blinds. Or you can always open them whenever you want or need to.