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Cook tops: Basic Categories

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

There are three basic categories as far as Cook tops go: electric, induction and gas. Gas and electric are the most commonly used. The choice between gas and electric varies from one cook to another; however gas cook tops break down rarely compared to the electric cooktops.

Electric Cooktops

There are 2 types of electric Cooktops available

  1. Electric Coil:
    If you are looking for a dependable, inexpensive appliance coil cooktops are a good option. Your cooking pot/pan sits on top of a coil which heats the food evenly.  However, there are a few drawbacks with the electric coil cooktop.
  • Cleaning isn.t very easy, especially if the food has spilled over.
  • Heating coils do burn out occasionally and new coils will need to be purchased.
  1. Electric Smoothtops
    Smoothtop Cooktops are getting more common in an everyday kitchen.  The cooktops have the heating elements housed within a ceramic glass surface.  This makes it very easy to clean. This too has its drawbacks.
  • It requires a special cleanser for the ceramic glass surface.
  • The surface although not fragile, is susceptible to scratches and can even break from heavy pots/pans.

Induction Cooktops

Like the Electric Smoothtops, Induction Cooktops also have a ceramic glass surface, but use electromagnetic energy to heat the food.  This type of cooktops, heat only the cooking vessel, while the cooktop itself stays much cooler.  These generally results in water boiling a lot quicker than with a conventional cooktop.  It also cools down quickly, which makes it a lot safer. The flip side to this type of a cooktop is that is comes with a high price tag and may also require new cookware, since induction cookware needs to be iron/steel so that it can conduct the heat well.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are the most favoured type when it comes to professional chefs. This is because the amount of heat given can be controlled and the temperature changes are a lot more exact. Gas cooktops are also energy efficient.  Fragility and replacement of parts are things that you needn.t worry about with regards to gas cooktops.


The Prices

Of the different types of cooktops, the electric coil cooktop is the least expensive option, available at a couple of hundred dollars. The Ceramic glass smoothtops are more expensive, with costs beginning anywhere around the $500 mark.  Gas cooktops are generally more expensive than electric cooktops and those of the highest quality are as highly priced as Induction Cooktops. Induction Cooktops cost more than $1000.

Now you are ready to purchase your Cooktops.  Go to your local appliance store or you can even find your cooktop online and begin your culinary journey.