Does walking on a treadmill help you lose weight? Absolutely!

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Can you lose weight by only walking on a treadmill?  Of course you can, but like all other weight loss regiments, regular walking workouts are required with commitment.  However, since treadmills are so easy to turn on and just start walking upon, treadmill exercise has never been so smooth and easy. The easy workout in-itself helps the user stay committed to their regiment.

How to lose weight by walking on a treadmill?  Beginners, children, and elderly people should set a good speed for walking on a treadmill such as one or two mph.  For healthy teens and adults, 3 to 5 mph is a good speed for walking on treadmills.  Consistent thirty minute walks each day should start to show results within a few short weeks.  For better results, advanced walkers can try increasing their pace to anything between 5 to 7 mph which is basically ideal for jogging and improves results over time.  For advanced treadmill workouts, increasing the incline of the treadmill is often done to improve results. Higher the incline, more the stress on the body thereby resulting in a better and more strenuous workout.

Using treadmills for exercise and weight loss can actually be more fun than walking, jogging or even running outdoors.  Often people complain about the outdoor environment and its hazards and dangers as reasons for not going out for exercises.  Heat, cold, rain, humidity, wild animals, pollution and crime are common reasons for staying away from outdoor exercise.  Treadmills are the perfect solution for overcoming all these hindrances.  Staying indoors in perfect walking conditions, free of any worries, dangers and discomforts, you are much more likely to stay consistent with your weight loss regime.

Losing weight by dieting and exercising is tough enough as it is, however when you are able to eliminate the most common cause of abandoning exercise routines, then you have already won half the weight loss battle.  You can stop complaining about your exercise environment and exercise comfortably on your treadmill at home.