Doggie Must Haves – Accessories for dogs!

By admin

Posted on March 5, 2012

Dogs have always been man’s best friend and we love being able to spoil them. They are our pride and joy and a member of our family. The trend these days is to accessorize your dog to make him/her look more stylish than ever. To cater to this need, the number of dog products available in the market has risen in the past few years.


Leashes, collars, sweaters, bandanas and bows are all great accessories. And, the looks your furry friend will receive when you go out in public make the purchase absolutely worth it. However, the first things that you will need to buy are a collar, a water bowl, a feeding bowl, and a kennel or bed. These are essential items that your dog should not do without.


Every dog should wear a collar with an ID tag, but, with the hundreds of dog collars available today, what collar is right for your dog? The first and foremost thing to consider while going out to buy one, is the breed of your dog and its compatibility with the products. Most of the dog accessory product manufacturers have separate brands for different breeds.


For many dogs, a versatile harness is a great alternative to a collar as they can eliminate pressure from your dog’s neck and ensure that it’s more evenly distributed around your dog’s body. A good harness easily slides over your dog’s head or around his body and so he is able to comfortably and freely move about, yet it should still be snug enough so he can’t slip out of it.


Dog kennels are a great way to keep your pet safe and secure, but how do you select the right one? Ideal kennels provide enough space for a dog to move about freely without hurting itself or other people. Most dogs are content while spending time in their dog kennels, but placing a dog pillow or bed in the kennel will allow your dog a more comfortable experience.


A dog bed is a must have for all dogs regardless of size, breed or age. A good dog bed provides insulation from the floor in both winter and summer; controls the spread of hair, dirt, and dander and provides a private space and sense of security.


No pet enjoys being over-chilled, over-heated, or just plain filthy. Day in and day out, your dog can benefit from the protection of clothing, just as much as you do. Good dog clothing can help your dog better adapt to seasonal changes and enjoy more time outdoors.


If you travel with your pet, you will need a wire cage or a plastic crate to transport them. The right size cage or crate is one in which your pet can lie down, turn around, and have three to four inches of extra head space when sitting or standing.


Remember, variety is the spice of life with pets too! So, just start the shopping spree and buy some amazing accessories for your canine friend.