Features offered by Clothes Dryers

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Look for the clothes dryer features that increase convenience and improve performance and efficiency, and avoid the pricey frills.

Moisture sensor

This device is more accurate than a thermostat in determining when laundry is dry. Moisture-sensor dryers are easier on fabrics because they don’t subject them to unnecessary heat. And they use less energy by shutting themselves off as soon as laundry is dry.

Auto-dry cycles

Full-sized machines often offer three or more cycles, which shut off the unit when the clothes reach the desired dryness. Each cycle may have a complete-dry setting, a less-dry setting for damp ironing, and gradations in between. A separate temperature control in most dryers lets you choose lower heat for delicate fabrics. These features increase flexibility.

Extended tumble

This setting keeps tumbling the clothes after they’re dry. Some models tumble without heat; others cycle on and off. It reduces wrinkling if you aren’t able to remove clothing immediately after it’s dry.

Top-mounted lint filter

It might be easier to clean than one inside the drum. Most of the models have a warning light that signifies that it.s time to clean the filter as a clogged filter reduces efficiency and could be a fire hazard.

Drum rack

Attached inside the drum, it helps keep the items from tumbling. They are best used for sneakers and other solid objects.

Drop-down vs. side-opening front door

Choose according to personal preference. As you’re removing laundry from the dryer, a drop-down door can serve as a convenient shelf for folding. But reaching items inside might be easier with a side-opening door.

Electronic controls and menus

Many models have electronic dials that allow you to select fabric and push buttons for selecting other settings such as temperature and level of dryness. Whether a dryer has electronic controls or not, the controls should be legible, logically arranged, and easy to operate.

Vent-blockage indicator

Vent-blockage indicator is designed to sense when a vent is blocked. Lint-filled dryer ducts increase drying time and energy costs, problems this feature addresses, according to manufacturers. Makers do not call the indicator a safety feature, even though lint-filled ducts can cause dryer fires. Our tests found the indicators were too inconsistent to count on.