How and why you should evaluate your drinking water:

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Contaminated water can cause a host of diseases especially in children whose immune systems are not fully developed and hence more prone to diseases. Thus it is imperative that you confirm the purity of the water supplied to your home.

  • Determining the quality of water in your area: A 1996 there was an Amendment to the Safe drinking Water Act which states that public water suppliers must provide a Consumer Confidence Report which includes basic info about the condition of their drinking water. More than 55,000 public water suppliers have been required to issue reports on the quality of their water supply. You can check the EPA Office of Ground & Drinking Water-Local Water Report for information on the water supplied in your area. If your supplier is not listed in the EPA directory you can call your water supplier directly and request a copy of their Consumer Confidence Report.
  • Sample the water: Observe the feel, taste, odor, color, and appearance of your water to help diagnose exactly what is in your water.
  • Test your water: To be safe and to confirm the purity of your water supply you can send a sample to a water testing lab or you can buy a DIY water testing kit and test the water yourself.