How to Buy Home Tanning Beds

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Purchasing a home tanning bed is becoming increasingly popular. There are hundreds of different models of home tanning beds available which means going to have to make a tough choice.  So, how do you select the best bed for you? Here are a few tips to ensure you buy the right home tanning bed.

1. Consider your size and the size of all individuals who will be using the tanning bed. Home tanning beds come in different sizes so if you have a family member who is over 6 feet tall, you are not going to want to buy the smallest bed available.

2. Research the different home tanning beds that are on the market. While you shouldn’t buy the cheapest bed, as it may not last very long or work very well, there is no need to buy the costliest tanning bed either. Do some research to into what exactly you should be looking for in a home tanning bed and which will be ideal according to your needs.

3. Check out your home’s power supply and electrical system to see if it will support home tanning beds. The beds are going to take a lot more power than anything else you have plugged in at your house and they can.t be plugged into a normal outlet as they will blow the circuit. If you need to, hire an electrician to come to your house and check your outlets and power source to see what will be needed for the tanning bed to work.

4. Match the bed to your needs. If you want to have a dark tan, then a low power tanning bed is not a good idea. Browse around to find a home tanning bed that will accommodate your needs, which in turn will depend on what exactly you are expecting your results to be from the bed. You will have to shop around for different home tanning beds that have different bulb strength and different power draws.

5. Finally, ask your tanning salon where they got their beds from. They may be able to refer you to the place where they got them so you can get the same one at home.