How to Choose the Best Dog Food

By admin

Posted on March 5, 2012

No one is in a better position than you to decide which food you should feed your dog. While that may possibly be the last thing you wanted to hear, it’s also true. Yes, you may have been hoping that someone would reveal to you the name of the world’s healthiest dog food, so you could go out, buy that & be done with it, but that assuredly isn’t the case here.


We strongly believe that dogs, just like people, are individuals. What works for one dog won’t necessarily work for another. So how do you select the right dog food? The best place to start would be with what your dog is already eating.


Assess your dog’s health. Take a pen and paper, and make a list with two columns: one for health disadvantages, and one for health advantages. Any conditions for which your pet receives veterinary care or medications go in the “disadvantages” column. In the health advantages column, list all the positive health characteristics that your dog has, such as fresh breath, clean teeth, bright eyes, clean ears, a lack of itching, a glossy coat, a normal appetite and energy level, and a good attitude. If there are a lot more advantages on your list than disadvantages, and the “disadvantages” are negligible, you may have already found a diet that works well for your dog. If not, you need to change your dog’s diet – ASAP.


Another thing you have to consider is the caloric content of the food you choose. Dogs exhibit a wide range of energy requirements. You may have to select a higher- or lower-calorie food based on the activity level, growth, age, illness, etc that can affect your dog’s energy needs.


You need to identify the foods with the best-quality ingredients – whole meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains, and high-quality sources of dietary fat – to get you into the right “ballpark” in terms of quality.


Remember that there is a connection between the quality of an animal’s food and his health, so try and give your dog the best diet you can.