Installing a Chandelier

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Chandeliers are typically, the heaviest forms of lighting that one can get. Now if you don.t install a chandelier properly, it could result it serious injuries. So make sure you follow these steps and you can avoid any accidents, well, chandelier accidents!

  • Make sure that your ceiling junction box can handle the weight of the chandelier.
  • Make sure the power is switched off
  • Attach the hardware to a mounting strap. Now screw the mounting strap to the junction box .
  • Do the wiring in the same way as was done for the previous lighting fixture that was there.
  • Beyond this point the chandelier will have an instruction manual of  sorts.
  • If you are installing this chandelier in a dining room or kitchen, make sure that it is atleast about 30 inches above the table.
  • Different chandeliers have different methods of installation so take your time. Read all the instruction carefully. Once your done, give the fittings one last look. Make sure al lthe screws and nuts are tightly bolted.


As was famously once said by an unknown being .Let there be Light!.