Looking after your mattress

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Irrespective of the type of mattress you use, a good bed mattress can last eight to ten years if looked after properly. Here are some tips on how best to care for your mattress.

Protect the mattress with covers

Use washable mattress covers to protect your mattress from stains. You can buy them in a purpose-made .barrier. fabric if you have a dust allergy.

Give the mattress some air

Throw back bedclothes in the morning and leave the bed to air for 20 minutes to allow body moisture to evaporate.

Turn your mattress regularly

Turn your mattress over (if advised) and end to end every three or four months, and every week for the first three months, to help upholstery fillings to settle down more evenly.

Ban bouncing on the mattress

To keep your mattress at its best, don.t sit on the edge of the bed regularly and don.t let children bounce on it.

Unwrap your mattress immediately

Don.t leave any plastic wrappings on a new bed mattress as this could lead to rot.

Keep your mattress clean

Vacuum the mattress and base from time to time. This is to remove seeped dirt and oils lurking in the sheet’s inner threads.

How to remove stains from a mattress

If your mattress is stained, use a cloth with mild detergent and warm or cold water. Never soak a mattress. A good tip is for you to shampoo it out using a specialized type of cleaner; upholstery wash preparations should do the trick. After that, be sure to dry the entire sheet before putting it back on your bed.

It has been said a number of times: “Prevention is better than cure”. This saying goes the same with the care of mattresses.