Pick the Right Shampoo for Your Hair

By admin

Posted on April 11, 2012

Pick the Right Shampoo for Your HairNo one likes a head of greasy, dull, lifeless hair and the cause of all those problems is the wrong shampoo. You should ideally choose a shampoo that works for your scalp type and the mistake that most people make is that they buy their shampoo according to their hair type, as your hair and scalp often have different needs.

Before you go crazy with all the variety of hair shampoo available in the market, you should have your scalp type tested. That way you can determine whether you need hair loss shampoo, oily hair shampoo, dry hair shampoo or even color hair shampoo.

If you’ve colored your hair, then you should opt for a color hair shampoo, this is a great investment as the shampoo is formulated to strengthen your hair, minimize the damage from coloring and prevent too much hair loss.

If you’re losing too much hair, then you can opt for one of the many hair loss shampoos in the market which will help decrease the number of hair strands you loose with every wash. Beware, these hair shampoos aren’t miracle workers and will at least need a month before they reach their maximum potential.

If you have a normal scalp, the best hair shampoo for you would be one which caters to normal hair. You should also consider how often you wash your hair while choosing your hair shampoo.

If you’re blessed with curly hair, then opt for a moisturizing hair shampoo as your hair will tend to get dry and eventually frizz up, which never looks good.

If you’re one of the lucky few with kinky hair then your best bet is a protein based shampoo. This will help you manage your hair and make it look gorgeous.

If your hair tends to get greasy often, that’s because you have an oily scalp and a oily hair shampoo should work well for you. Make sure that the formula isn’t too harsh and that it has oil busting natural ingredients like sage oil, chamomile or even tea tree oil.