Pros & Cons of Trash Compactors

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Trash compactors allow you to fit more garbage into a smaller space. These trash compactors are either separate units or attach to the garbage can. The separate units can compact a much larger quantity of garbage, but this compactor can also take up space. While the compactors are beneficial overall, these compactors can create some hassles.


Depending on the amount of trash, you might need a larger trash compactor. However, owners might not have enough space in their homes for large trash compactor. Some homeowners put their trash compactors in the garage. Other models can fit neatly under your kitchen counter.


A trash compactor is more powerful than a waste disposal unit because it can compact a larger quantity of garbage. Some trash compactors can reduce garbage by one sixth of the original size. However, these compactors can make the garbage bags considerably harder to carry, given the larger density and subsequent weight. Still, carrying compacted trash often makes less mess than carrying loose trash. Also, owners will not have to take out the trash as often. However, when working with large quantities of garbage, the trash compactor can get jammed. Some models have anti-jamming features. Removable key knob control and tilt sensors can reduce the likelihood of the unit jamming. Over time, the mechanical parts in the trash compactor can break down, requiring owners to replace the entire unit.

Garbage Pile Up

Those who use a trash compactor might be tempted to let garbage accumulate in the garbage can. However, this garbage can create odors in the home and can attract pests. Owners can purchase a trash compactor that has odor management features such as a charcoal filter. Also, many models of trash compactors are completely sealed to prevent pests from getting to the trash.


When operating, trash compactors make noise. Owners can reduce this noise by purchasing a model that has a sound dampening feature.


Trash compactors can be expensive, putting them out of the price range of those on a budget. Owners will need to purchase and periodically replace trash compactor bags. If homeowners have an odor reducing system, they will also need to purchase products related to this system.

Glass Compaction

Some trash compactors are designed to compact glass. However, the glass shards can sometimes poke holes in the bags and lead to cuts when owners carry the garbage out.