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  • Pest control tips to keep your restaurant pest free

    A constant effort is required to keep your restaurant clean and sanitary. However, constant cleaning and enforcement of pest and rodent control techniques can keep pests out and health code violations at bay. Roaches and other types… Continue Reading

  • Pest control tips for the holiday season

    With the festive season comes a lot of mouth watering food. Decorations and lights are pulled from storage boxes that have been stored away in closets, attics or sheds since last year to enhance the holiday experience…. Continue Reading

  • Brief history of pest control

    The problem with pests became more apparent when agriculture became popular. Roughly 8000BC saw the effects of what pests could deliver to crops. Pests destroyed crops where no preventative measures were taken. Crop rotation and moving was… Continue Reading

  • Benefiting from organic pest control

    Pest control can be painstaking at times. Once these pests get into your living space it’s difficult to drive them away, and their presence could affect your health, your comfort, and even your property! The longer you… Continue Reading

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  • Stinger 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Insect Killer FP15-CR

    Stinger 15 Watt Bug Zapper 1/2 Acre This highly effective flat panel zapper uses ultraviolet light and NOsquito Octenol lure to attract and eliminate a wide range of annoying flying insects. The result is a more pleasant outdoor environment. The...

    from: 16 Stores

    $8.92 to $57.19

  • Stinger 80 watt 1 Acre Insect Killer Max

    Stinger 80 Watt - Over 1 Acre, #1 Brand of Electronic Insect Control, Superior Efficacy, Focus on Mosquito Attraction w/ an Integrated Cartridge for NOsquito Octenol Lure

    from: 10 Stores

    $12.99 to $99.78

  • Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Insect Killer 80-watts 1 1/2 acre

    Features & Applications: Rid your outdoor living areas of flying insect pests - without harming the environment with this electronic insect killer. Insect remains, uncontaminated by pesticides, fall to the ground to be naturally reabsorbed into the...

    from: 12 Stores

    $65.00 to $110.49

  • Harris 32 oz. Spider Killer

    Harris Spider Killer Trigger Spray 32 oz. HSK-24 Effective formula kills a wide variety of spiders. Kills on contact and can be used indoors and outdoors. Non-staining and odorless.

    from: 4 Stores

    $7.20 to $12.99

  • Pest Repeller Ultimate AT: Indoor Electronic, Ultrasonic, and Ionic Pest Control

    Plug-in and bombard indoor pests with Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic technologies. Force mice, ants, bugs, insects and rodents to flee without using poisons or traps. Try Risk Free Today!

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