Rugs & More: Learning the Lingo

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Here are some words every rug shopper should know. Not only will you feel confident about your rug decision, you’ll really impress the salesperson.

  • Hand Carved: Using hand shears, the weaver cuts a design into the rug. The carving and sculpturing give the rug a distinctive and unique look.
  • Heat Set: This is a process polypropylene goes through to put a twist in the yarn. When the yarn is set with heat, it has a wool-like appearance.
  • Line Count: One indicator of rug quality is the number of knots or stitches per square inch. When comparing the line count number of different rugs, it’s important to remember that this number may be calculated differently, depending on how and where the rug was made.
  • Pile: This is the surface yarn that makes up the face of the rug.
  • Stitches/Needle Count: The number of loops of yarn is known as the stitch or needle count. The higher the stitch or needle count, the denser the rug. Higher density rugs last longer and wear better than more loosely woven constructions.
  • Warp and Wefts: The warp yarn is the stationary thread on the loom. These fibers are the strongest part of the rug. They are intersected with wefts – the filling yarn that is woven though the warps.
  • Border: The border is composed of decorative designs repeated in one direction around the outside of the rug.
  • Field: The field is the background of the rug inside the border. It may be a solid color or patterned.
  • Medallion: The medallion is a round or oval design in the center of the rug.