Trash Compactor Considerations

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Trash compactors are handy household machines that do exactly what their name implies: they take a large amount of trash and compress or compact it so that it takes up far less space. Instead of throwing your garbage in a big, loose heap, trash compactors allow you to keep it neatly contained and compressed in a small area. Using a trash compactor is fairly easy, and you can install them permanently in your home.


You will probably find that using a trash compactor is very convenient. Because trash compactors compress your trash, they save space when compared to a large trash can. You may just like the fact that your trash is hidden away in as small a space as is possible. Trash compactors are available in both under-counter and freestanding models. Additionally, trash compactors require very little maintenance.


When it comes to disadvantages, there are a few. A trash compactor is more expensive than a trash can. Also, you need to have under-counter space available to install one or room for a freestanding one. Because you don’t have to empty your trash as often, the trash has the opportunity to become rotten and smelly. However, manufacturers have addressed this issue with charcoal filters and tight seals. By their very nature, trash compactors often get dirty and need to be cleaned frequently. If yours features a charcoal filter to help keep odors down, you’ll need to change the filter periodically. You may find that, although the trash bags are smaller, they are heavy and cumbersome. Additionally, sharp edges of shattered, compacted glass can tear bags open.

Using a Trash Compactor

Most trash compactors require nothing more difficult than placing trash into a regular trash can. Basically, you simply open the unit’s door, place your trash inside, close the door and press a button that activates the compacting action. The machine’s electric motor does all the work for you.

Safety Considerations

Use common sense when it comes to your trash compactor. Do not allow children to use your trash compactor. Do not attempt to turn your trash compactor on if the door is not completely shut. Do not place your hands or other body parts inside the trash compactor while attempting to turn it on. Do not attempt to open your trash compactor while it is in the process of compacting trash. Do not place hot or burning trash or hazardous chemicals into the compactor. Do not operate your trash compactor without first lining the interior with a trash bag.