Use Makeup to Get That Celebrity Look

By admin

Posted on April 11, 2012

If you’ve always envied the flawless, golden glow that celebrities have you can be rest assured that with our handy guide, achieving that look is easy now with our guide on face makeup. Face makeup consists of the essential steps you must follow so that you can perfectly prep your skin and make it look amazing. The face makeup basics include, getting the best foundation you can buy, eye concealer primer and blush.

If you aren’t blessed with perfect skin, concealer tends to be your best friend. The name of the product itself implies that it conceals (hides) any blemish, scar, irregularity in skin tone or imperfection you may have, thus helping you achieve an even glow. While buying concealers, always remember to choose concealers which are a shade lighter than the foundation you use. Concealers are thicker in consistency, thus rendering them perfect to use on spots which need a little bit of covering, your concealers are also more pigmented than foundations, which renders them ideal for covering spots. Remember, you needn’t apply concealer all over your face, you should ideally use concealers to cover zits, spots, freckles and blemishes. Makeup artists often apply under eye concealer before applying eye makeup and eye shadow, which enables them to clean the residue from the eye make with much more ease.

Ever wondered how celebrities look so fresh despite long shooting schedules, crazy work hours and insane partying? The answer lies in their eyes and what it conceals. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face, the slightest bit of neglect and it starts showing and that’s when under eye concealer comes to your rescue. If you haven’t been getting a lot of sleep, your eyes will immediately show it and Under Eye Concealer works best to cover all those unsightly dark circles that make you look tired and old.

Foundation, as suggested by the name of the product acts as the basis for your make up, not only does it even out the tone of your face, neck and cleavage but also gives you a glow while covering the minor blemishes that don’t need concealers. Applying the foundation over your face, cleavage and neck will give you a uniform skin tone.