Water Heater Accessories

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

  • Water heater stands raise gas units off the ground and reduce the risk of fire in the event of a flammable liquid spill nearby.
  • Water heater pans sit under the heater and collect water from leaks or overflows caused by excess pressure in the tank. The pan has an opening in the side for a drain hose to carry away any overflow water.
  • Water alarms sit either on the floor or in the pan beside the water heater. If the heater leaks or overflows, the alarm will sense the liquid and give an audio alarm to alert the homeowner that there is a problem.
  • Tank expanders are plumbed to the water heater. They are designed to hold the extra volume of water that can be produced when cold water is heated in the tank.
  • Pressure regulators are connected to the outlet side of the water heater to keep the water pressure from exceeding a preset limit as it exits the tank. Regulating the pressure helps protect the interior pipes from leaking or bursting due to pressure surges in the plumbing system.
  • Timers are wired into the unit’s electrical supply and can be set so the water heater only draws electricity at specified times. Running the water heater only when needed cuts down on energy use and saves you money.
  • Insulating water heater blankets are made especially to fit over the unit and reinforce the insulating ability of the water heater. Insulating blankets are best for heaters that reside in garages or other unheated spaces.