What is Recessed Lighting?

By admin

Posted on July 12, 2011

Recessed lighting is a technique of installing light fixtures flush with the surrounding surface. It is a manner of lighting where lights are embedded in the walls or ceiling. Holes are constructed in the ceiling and the lighting fixture is placed within the hole and then connected to the wiring. Recessed lights can be divided into two parts, the trim and housing. The trim is the visible portion of the light. It is the insert that is seen when looking up into the fixture, and also includes the thin lining around the edge of the light. The housing is the fixture itself that is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder.

Recessed lighting can provide dramatic, low-profile illumination for every room of the house. These fixtures are embedded into the ceiling, so there are no dangling cords, switches, lampshades, or bulbs to interrupt your view. Different varieties of recessed lighting can provide ambient, accent, task, and flood lighting depending on their bulbs, housing, and trim.

Recessed lighting allows you to create light just about anywhere. It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, work areas, swimming pools and stair wells and as functional lighting in curio cabinets, entertainment centers and bookcases. It can be used above or below cabinetry or even along the perimeter of flooring.

Most homeowners choose recessed lighting when they want something elegant, functional, and affordable that doesn’t call too much attention to itself. This type of lighting is all but invisible since the fixture, light bulb, and wiring are all secreted away inside the ceiling and it turns on via a wall switch. All a person sees are glowing discs of light directed towards a specific area.

When selecting fixtures homeowners should consider the overall aesthetics and size of the room, as well as the application the lighting is used for. Keep in mind that recessed lighting is not only the perfect way to light up any room in your house without the hassle of floor lamps and electrical wires, but, it is unobtrusive and energy-efficient as well.