Your Guide To Nail Art Designs

By admin

Posted on April 11, 2012

Your Guide To Nail Art DesignsNail Design is a great way to express your creativity and individuality on the most boring part of your body (your nails, silly!). You don’t need to go to a salon and get a professional nail design applied, with a steady hand, tons of nail polish, a little bit of creativity and practice you’ll be an expert at applying nail art designs that are totally you! Follow our easy guide and you can do it:

Step 1: The Base Coat

  • Remove any prior traces of nail polish and wash your nails with warm water, after that dry the nails with cloth. You must clean your nails and ensure that your nail surface is free from any particles or grime before proceeding to apply the base coat.
  • Now for the fun part! Dip your nail polish brush into the bottle of nail polish, dab the brush against the edge of the bottle to remove any excess nail polish. Starting from the base of your nail, apply the nail polish in a stroke motion towards the edge of your nail. Do this in such a manner that the nail is evenly coated with nail polish.
  • Repeat this step twice, on both hands and allow the nails to dry between each coat. After your nails have been prepped with 2 coats of base nail polish, you can begin the design.
  • Choose the nail design you’d like beforehand and ensure you have all the colours necessary to complete the design.

Step 2: Floral Nail Art Designs

Love flowers? This nail design is simple to follow and looks girly. Here are the steps:

  • Paint a dot in the centre of your nail(this acts as the centre of the flower)
  • Beginning at the dot, take your brush and with a stroke motion, create an outward petal. Repeat this motion till you create all the petals of the flowers. You can even use different colors while creating the petals to add dimension to your flower nail art.
  • You can even add a tiny diamante in the centre of your flower to add a touch of glamour.